Vendor Information

Vendor application process:  SPACE IS LIMITED!!  First come, first served.  Applications MUST be accompanied by a check for $25, payable to “MAAA—Garage Sale” or application will not be accepted.  Application fee is non-refundable after space is assigned to you, and non-transferable.  Let us know if you can’t attend so space can be reassigned.  Actually, we don’t need our “official” application.  But we DO need your name, all contact info, your craft/art medium, and your money.

Who may apply: Any artist or craftsperson in the Monadnock Region.  (Actually, we don’t care where you’re from, as long as you sign up fast and then show up!)

What you get: 

A space and a chair. 

The spaces will be at least 8 feet wide, and vary in depth. YOU CANNOT HANG ANYTHING FROM THE FACILITY WALLS. No thumbtacks, nails, nada.

IF YOU WANT TO PUT UP A PANEL or “wall” for display, we’ll give you a space next to an outside wall. Use only one “back wall” panel, and brace it/stabilize it with narrower panels.This year, we ask you NOT to set up a full booth with three sides. Remember: It’s a garage sale.

You will also get tons of publicity and a beautiful indoor venue.  And you get a chance to sell off your old stuff and make room for more new stuff!

What you can sell:  Any art or craft related items: 

Tools, equipment, supplies, UFOs (UnFinished Objects), seconds (damaged, imperfect or discontinued artwork), booth and craft tent supplies, etc.

If you have a T-shirt that says “Go To The Studio!”, you can sell that.  A t-shirt that says “Go You Huskies”, no.

Anything you used in your art/craft and want to move on to someone else.

Unlike regular juried art & fine craft shows, you can offer discounts, take “best offers”, and swap, barter and trade at will, with each other or with the public. Heck, you can GIVE your stuff away, we don’t care.

When:  Actual sale runs from 10-3 Saturday. (We may be open for early birds, that’s up to you!) Vendors may enter building at 8:00 am, with two hours of set-up time (10:00am).  Event ends at 3:00 pm, and vendors must vacate the building by 5:00 pm.  IF YOU DO NOT SIGN IN BY 9:30 am, your space may be given to another vendor on our waiting list.

We ask you to unload your stuff, then MOVE YOUR CAR so that CUSTOMERS can park during the day. Once things slow down in the afternoon, we’ll have more wiggle room with parking.

Where:  Heberton Hall is on Winter ST, right off Central Square, just past the Keene Public Library.  Parking:  Currently, there is metered parking on the grounds. You may park here to unload and load, but YOU MUST MOVE YOUR CAR by 9:45 am so buyers can park there.  On-street metered parking (2 hrs).

Publicity:   Press releases and classified “garage sale” ads in area newspapers.  We just had a GREAT FEATURE ARTICLE in the Keene Sentinel in March! Please help us spread the word by telling your friends, family and customers verbally, by email and social media—Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Questions?  Call Wendi Hulslander at 903-9982 or 532-8553 or                           Luann Udell at 352-8633


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