FAQ For Vendors

You got questions? We got answers! As we receive questions, we’ll post them and the answers here. So check back often, especially if you sent us a question!

I haven’t heard from you about whether I’m in or not. What gives??
By now, you should have heard from us by email if you’re “in”. And so far, everyone who applied is in. We haven’t turned anyone down yet! So please let us know if you aren’t getting our emails.

This is our first year, and this event only came together a month ago. So we’re still getting our act together working out a few bugs on our end. For example, the person who actually RECEIVES the checks is not the same person who is KEEPING YOU UP TO DATE about this stuff. A time lag, if you will. Don’t worry. It will get better. :^)

Where is Heberton Hall?
It’s right next to the Keene Public Library, at 76 Winter Street. You can get more info about where it is here

How long will the sale last?
The building is open from 8-5. But the actual “open to the public” sale part is 10-3. This allows for 2 hours of set-up and 2 hours of breakdown, to accommodate the total hours we are allowed to use the building.

We’ll know better next year how long set-up and breakdown will take. And how much the crowds will thin out in the afternoon. We may open earlier next year, and close earlier.

Or maybe we’ll sell everything in two hours, and then we can all go home. We’ll see!

What am I getting for my $25?
A space that’s at least 8 feet wide, and a chair. We’re hoping we can give everyone a space 8’x8′, and depending on the number of sign-ups, you may get a little more.

Also a lot of great publicity. We’ve already been featured in the Keene Sentinel! We have a website (you are here) and a Facebook page. And a chance to clear out all that stuff you’ve been tripping over/dusting/wondering “What was I thinking??!!” you’ve collected over your years of making things.

Can I bring an 8-foot table?
Only if you’re willing to go UNDER your table to get in and out. We’re asking folks to use 6-foot or smaller tables, IF you’re going to put them in front of your space and stand behind them. That will allow you a space to move in and out of your booth.

Of course, if you’d like to put your eight-foot table against a back wall, that’s okay.

What if I need a wall to hang my stuff?
You can request a space that’s against a wall, as opposed to a space in the center of the room, and bring your own wall.

Can’t I hang stuff up on the hall’s wall?
Nope. Bad things will happen. (Have you ever seen a screaming librarian? Not a pretty sight.) You must bring your own “back wall”, and you’ll want to brace it only with narrow side panels. PLEASE, NO ‘FULL BOOTH’ SETUPS. Do not expect to set up 3 full walls.

What about lighting?
Heberton Hall has decent lighting, and lots of windows. It’s a pretty bright hall. Check it out!

So please don’t bring your own lighting this year. We didn’t figure in people plugging in a lot of lights. And be grateful we’re not outside!

What can I sell?
You can sell your seconds, your slightly damaged pieces, your discontinued styles, your outdated work, your UFO’s (Un-Finished Objects), supplies you no longer use, tools, equipment, display fixtures, booth lighting…. Whatever you’ve owned and used and want to move on.

If you are a store owner, you could conceivably sell HEAVILY DISCOUNTED ITEMS (damaged goods, returns, samples, discontinued items, etc.) As long as it’s a real deal, not regular store inventory. Check with us, and we can talk about it.

You may sell a blender if you used it (or intended to use it) to blend paper materials. You may sell a toaster oven for baking polymer clay, or dental tools you used in sculpting. You can even sell items you used to create still life paintings.

You may NOT sell your living room couch, your eldest child or pets.

What if I have something big to sell, like a kiln?
We’re thinking about displaying a message board for you to post your more cumbersome items for sale. And, of course, you can provide your customers with flyers listing other things you have for sale.

Can I share a table with a friend?
Sure! Heck, you can share a table with TEN friends, as long as you can fit them all into that 8 foot wide space.

What if I have to leave early?
No one will stop you. Just be courteous and considerate of your neighbors and shoppers.

What if I’m going to be late?
We suggest you ask a friend or two to set up for you on time.

Can I bring a CD player?
Please don’t. We plan on playing music throughout the event. Any MORE music, and chaos will ensue.

Will there be food and beverages available?
Not unless you bring them. (Maybe next year.) And of course, if you bring enough to SHARE, we certainly won’t complain! (But no alcoholic beverages, please.)

I have to drop out. Can I get my money back?
Unfortunately, no. Our Vendor Information page clearly states that all fees are non-refundable. That’s because your fee has already been spent on advertising, show costs, etc. If you can’t make it, we suggest you a) find someone else to take your place, and give us their contact info so we can keep in touch with them, or b) consider your $25 a generous tax-deductible contribution to the MAAA’s programs and scholarship fund.

I don’t see my question here!
Email us MAAApres@gmail.com or LuannUdell@gmail.com and you will soon!
Or call 603-352-8633.


2 thoughts on “FAQ For Vendors

    1. Luann Udell Post author

      Sometimes it’s the only thing that gets me through life! :^D
      Thanks for all your input, Gill–we couldn’t do this without all you’ve done.


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