Where Did This Great Idea Come From??

Years ago, my friend artist Bonnie Blandford created a really nifty event with a friend.

It sounded wonderful.  And it’s still growing strong–bigger and better even!

And as my attic (make that plural “attics”) and garage and studio filled up with old art supplies, frames, artwork, craft booth fixtures and other paraphernalia (I never spell that right the first time), I dreamed of having my own art garage sale.

I finally realized that if you want something badly enough, you have to do it yourself!

Fortunately, I don’t have to do it myself.  My event advisor/guru Karen Lyle, owner of Creative Encounters here in Keene, NH, thought the Monadnock Area Artists Association would be the perfect fit for such an event–and she was right!  I even joined the group to make the joint task more seamless.

So get ready for Keene’s very first, very own art garage sale!  We’re aiming to have a wide variety of art and craft artists who have cleaned out their attics  graciously agreed to part with the supplies, materials and artwork they no longer use or need.

Get there early (before we start buying each others’ stuff!), bring your wallet and half a dozen of your closest friends.  It’s a fun way to support your local artists.

And maybe acquire the stuff you need to become one yourself!


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