Well, that’s a good question!

The address is 76 Winter Street. But it turns out Google Map isn’t quite sure where the Hall is, either. It thinks it’s the company building just BEFORE the Keene Public Library. (Winter Street is a one-way street.)

Nope. It’s just PAST the Keene Public Library.

Winter Street is a one-way street–you enter it at the 11 o-clock position at the head of the square in downtown Keene, OR by coming South on Court Street and making a sharp right turn (heading west) just BEFORE you enter the square.

The Library is halfway down the block. (Winter Street is only one block long. So if you hit a stop sign, you’ve gone too far. Take a right on School Street, make your next right, take the next right, and turn right onto Winter Street. And go slower!)

You go just past the Library, and there it is, on your left.

It’s used for community events, art shows, contra dancing and many other things. Now it’s going to host Keene’s very first Art Garage Sale!

It’s a beautiful hall:

You can read more about Heberton Hall here.


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