Buttons, anyone?

Buttons, anyone?

Saturday, April 27, 2013
Heberton Hall (next to the Keene Public Library)
76 Winter Street
Keene NH

Our first Art Garage Sale is filling up fast! If you’re still thinking about selling your art stuff, you better move quickly–we’re almost full! Get that check in, payable to MAAA-Keene Art Garage Sale, P.O. Box 864, Keene NH 03431. (If we can’t place you immediately, let us know if you’d like to be on a waiting list in case a space frees up. We won’t cash your check unless you get a space.)

We have a good assortment of fine art and craft folks. Some will be selling seconds and discontinued items, others are selling all kinds of materials and supplies. There will be something for EVERYONE!

VENDORS: So far, we still have a very few spaces left. We’re trying to fit as many folks as possible into the main hall, but there will be room for a few tables in the hallway.

Re: Your set-up and display, try not to overthink it. In fact, remember the KISS mantra–Keep It Simple, Stupid. (We aren’t calling you stupid, just urging you to….well….keep it simple!

Maybe we should use a new acronym: IGS

Itsa Garage Sale!

We want the atmosphere as fun and informal as possible.

Skip the elegant display, the bright lights, the fancy panels and carpeting. Unlike your normal fine, juried shows, haggling, discounts, sales and barter are allowed. In fact, we encourage it! Use big, bold signs saying, “Sale!”, “Half off!” or “Clearance!”

Actually, I'm KEEPING these....!

Actually, I’m KEEPING these….!


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